Training Level 2M

("Authorized Persons") (responsible for design, installation and maintenance)


Acquiring the knowledge necessary for a complete control of the ATEX safety. The authorized person must assume responsibility for a project or for a particular phase (installation, maintenance, etc.).

The Authorized Person must be able to supervise the executing agents level 1 and 0

Trainer: Trainers INERIS level 3EM


3 days


1st Day 1: Common Part E and M


  • General information on the phenomena of explosion of gas and dust
  • The regulations applicable to the users of Atex equipments


(ATEX Directive 1999/92/EC)

Regulations concerning the equipments and protection systems intended for use in explosive atmospheres

(ATEX Directive 94/9/EC)

General principles of zone classification (gas and dust)

2nd Day: Part M


  • The different standardized modes of non electrical protection
  • The rules of maintenance of non-electrical equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Rules of good practice for interventions on the basic organs of mechanics (bearings, gaskets, ..)


3rd Day: Common Part E and M


  • The marking and various types of certificates
  • Rules of intervention in Atex
  • Implementation of the reference of ISM-ATEX certification
  • Initial evaluations on Authorized Persons Level 2 (non-electrical)