Training Level 0

(Personnel involved in explosive atmosphere)


Acquiring the knowledge necessary for intervening in ATEX zone. Training personnel working on the manufacturing units in the area with risk of explosion. Transmitting the basic concepts related to ATEX for the targeted population (civil engineering, scaffolding, insulation, fitters, paint, cleaners, etc.) by being limited to some important messages in particular the risks related to the job of the intervening person. Person led to work in the area with risk of explosion but without interfering with equipment subject to ATEX regulations.



0.5 days (4 hours)


  • Awareness of explosions – The succinct and practical notions in explosive zones/ATEX – Knowing the risks and effects of an explosion. The mechanisms of an explosion, the fire triangle - The most dangerous flammable substances (hydrogen, ... )
  • Knowing the meaning of marking – The panel ATEX – Being able to identify an ATEX equipment by letters EEX.
  • What should I do in ATEX zone – Fire permit, access of vehicle in unit, impact on PPE, emergency procedures
  • What I should not do in ATEX - Use of portable, restart of vehicles in case of blanket gas – Risks of accidental shocks: spark, degradation of ATEX equipment
  • Knowing the appropriate equipment and those prohibited  in ATEX zone – The ATEX tooling (bronze. ..) - The use of electrical tools in explosive zone (eg. Screwdriver-unscrew-driver, multimeter,...) - Static electricity, braids of electrical continuity of the pipes, grounding.